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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Home Warranties

When purchasing a home, especially a pre-owned home that has perhaps been lived in previously and therefore is not new, you might want to consider purchasing a home warranty. There are actually many products on the market in different price ranges that cover different items. One of the most common types is for a pre-owned home and covers what is often referred to as “systems”, that is items like the heating and air (or HVAC), plumbing, roof, etc.

But other products include warranties for new homes (in addition to the builder’s warranty), manufactured homes, modular homes, as well as extended warranties.

This is an area for possible negotiation between the seller and potential buyer. Yes, a buyer can request, as part of the Purchase and Sale Agreement under Special Stipulations that the seller provide a specific home warranty at no cost to the buyer.

You may also see advertisements that indicate specific houses on the market are covered by a home warranty. There are several ways that may be true . . . 1) the seller may have agreed to offer a home warranty as an incentive for a buyer to choose their home to purchase; or, 2) the salesperson from the home warranty company, or another company like a mortgage company may offer a home warranty as an incentive to use their services; or, the Realtor? may also offer the home warranty as long as it is disclosed in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

You may ask your Realtor for more information about home warranty companies or you can search the internet for them. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.