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April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Lead Based Paint

For quite some time now, you may have been hearing about the dangers of lead-based paint. Even though the use of lead-based paint in residences ceased in 1977, there are still some homes that were built (or perhaps remodeled) after that time that may have it. Section 1018 of Title X of the Residential Lead- Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act requires disclosure of lead-based paint in sales and lease transactions of residential properties built before 1978.

Homeowners planning to sale property have the responsibility to disclose the potential of the lead-based paint hazard to their real estate agent as well as to potential buyers. It is also required that we provide a federally approved lead hazard information booklet to potential buyers.

Just because lead-based paint is present, it does not necessarily mean there is a hazard. If the paint is in good condition and on non-accessible, non-friction surfaces, it may not present a problem. You still need to practice good maintenance efforts and monitor the condition of the paint. You may be able to cover the hazard in some cased by enclosing large surface areas with another material such as sheetrock. Other areas may require that you hire a professional to abate the lead-based paint in areas that produce lead dust such as window and door frames and other areas accessible to small children.

Some homeowners may not know for sure that this hazard was used in their home. You can always have your home tested to determine the presence of lead-based paint. But, remember disclosure to your agent and ultimately the buyer is paramount! Your agent can assist you with this process.

Lead poisoning is a serious issue that can affect the lives of our children! Stay safe!